Organizational Tips and Tricks

Organization is the number one key to success not just in school but in life.  If you are not organized, then you can't find the papers you need to study, the handouts you need to complete, or maybe even your books in order to read the assigned pages!  Yep, organization will definitely help you succeed.

On this page, you will find some basic strategies to help you get organized. Read them, use them!


TIP #1: Know that you may need to get organized first, and then again, and then


You may need to organize yourself more than once.  With six teachers in one day, papers can really start to pile up!


TIP #2: Organize nightly

Go through all your papers and notebooks nightly.  Make sure that all the papers are in their proper folders/notebooks/sections.  This will help you find them quickly when you need them.  This may take a while the first few times, but once you get in the habit you will be able to organize all your papers in under five minutes!


TIP #3: Keep a homework folder

Have one folder that will contain all your completed homework assignments.  When you have to turn them in the next day, you will know exactly where to find them.


TIP #4: Keep extra folders

When a unit is completed in a subject, take all the notes from that unit, place them in a folder, label the folder, and keep the folder at home in your study area.  This will keep old notes from taking up space and getting confused with new notes.  You will also be able to refer to the old notes whenever you need them!  Be sure to ask your teacher first if the unit is completed.


TIP #5: Keep your agenda at all times

Write down all your assignments and upcoming tests/quizzes in your agenda.  Keep this with you at all times. You have to know what the assignments are in order to complete them and get a good grade!


TIP #6: Have one binder for everything

It is a good idea to have one big binder in which you can place all of your notebooks/folders/papers for all your core classes.  You may also place your papers for your elective classes in this binder or have a separate binder just for electives.

TIP #7: Color-code

If you have to have a composition notebook for science, a spiral-bound notebook for math, and a five-subject notebook for language arts, it's a good idea to color-code them.  You could have a red one for science, yellow for social studies, orange for math, and blue for language arts - or whatever colors you prefer.  If you do choose to color-code, get a folder the same color as the notebook.  That way you know the blue notebook and the blue folder both are for language arts.



TIP #8: Have a pencil pouch

Pencil pouches with three holes are a good way to keep up with pencils, pens, colored pencils, and a small pencil sharpener.  It makes being ready for class a lot easier.

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