Lockers are a big deal in middle school.  Your child will have one within the first week of school, and be a locker guru by the end of the first four weeks.  To lessen the stress of becoming a new owner of a shiny, blue locker, a suggestion is to purchase a combination lock at any general store.  Rising sixth graders can practice during the summer on this lock and be better prepared for opening a locker once they are given out.  Opening a locker is only the first step, though. There are a few things to remember about lockers:

1) The term is LOCK-er.  It is meant to be locked at all times.  Some students keep their lockers unlocked so that they may "pop" it open quickly during locker breaks.  This is unwise as your personal belongings would then be available to anyone if they were to make a bad choice about invading your space.

2)  Giving out your combination number is a bad idea.  Only you and your teacher should know the combination to your locker.  Asking others to help you open your locker is giving them the number that will make it possible for them to open your locker in the future.

3) Your locker is for your stuff only.  Putting your things in another locker or allowing others to put theirs in yours is trouble waiting to happen.  What if you need your science book and put it in your friend's locker, and she happens to be absent?  You will not be prepared for class. 

4) You are not allowed to switch lockers without a teacher's permission.  The teacher and the front office have a record of which student has which locker.  This record must be up-to-date.

5) In the event of large class sizes, there is the possibility that students may need to share lockers.

6) You may decorate your locker with pictures (held up by magnets), decorative magnets, magnetic mirror, and magnetic cups/"pouches" (items that hold pencils and such).  You may also include a shelf to help with organization.  We do not recommend a lot of decoration as school books, bookbag, and notebooks take up a lot of the room.

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