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On this page, you will some answers to frequently asked questions about the sixth-grade core classes.  If you have questions that are not answered here please contact a sixth-grade teacher, and we will post them!

At the very bottom of this page you will find links to the sixth-grade classroom page where you will find all of the sixth grade teachers' webpages!

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1) How many classes does a student attend in one day?

The current schedule has students attending six classes a day - four core classes and two enhancement classes.

2) When do enhancement classes change?

  Students are given two enhancement classes the first semester and they are changed to two others at the beginning of the second semester.

3) Are the core classes together? Will one class be at the top of the hall and the other at the bottom?

All of the sixth grade core classes are located on the sixth-grade hall.  Your child may have two classes located at the top/middle/bottom of the hall, while his/her other two classes are located at the top/middle/bottom of the hall. No matter where on the hall the classes are located, the core classrooms are all located on one hall.

4) How much time are students given to change classes?

Students are given three minutes to change classes.  This may seem like too little time but since a student's classrooms are close together, it is sufficient.


5) When will my child be able to go to his/her locker?

Locker breaks occur first thing in the morning upon arriving to school, generally after the first two classes, again after another two classes, and at the end of the day before students go home.  Ask your child's teacher for specific times.


6) What materials will my child need?

Please visit the "Necessary Materials" page for a list of supplies.


7) How does the school communicate with parents?

The short answer?  In many ways! We have several Open Houses throughout the year   and a Rising Sixth-Grader Night to introduce parents to teachers and vice versa. There are PTA meetings once a quarter, and newsletters are sent home with report cards.  Your child's team of teachers also send out progress reports, newsletters, and informational letters.  The principal, or a designee, may also contact parents through a telephone message, so make sure the school has all of your updated contact information! We also have the new Parent Portal! You may access your child's grade through any device with an internet connection.  All you need is to obtain a user id and a password from your child's school, and you will be able to keep up with your child's grades every day!


8) How do teachers communicate with parents?

The teachers at Riverwood Middle School believe that parent-teacher communication is very important to a student's education.  We communicate with parents through e-mails, progress reports, written notes, conferences, phone calls, and report cards.  You should receive a progress report every two weeks from your child's core teachers.  That is at least three more than JCS requires us to provide.

We also have the Parent Portal. You may access your child's grade through any device with an internet connection.  All you need is to obtain a user id and a password from your child's school, and you will be able to keep up with your child's grades every day!


9) Do students choose their enhancement classes?

No, students do not choose their own enhancement classes.


10) Will my child get lost?

No, sixth-grade teachers are in the halls whenever a class change is occurring.  The first few weeks of school we also walk students to their elective classes.

11) What about lunch?

Students are on a lunch schedule.  Lunch is scheduled within one of the child's classes, and that class is extended to include the twenty-five minutes for lunch.  The teacher will walk students to the cafeteria - expecting them to be quiet and in a straight line - and show them where they are to sit.  Students in a class sit together at a designated location in the lunchroom.  Teachers stay in the cafeteria with the students, and the administrators also attend the lunch session.

12) How does my child pay for lunch?

Every student is issued a lunch number.  Due to this being the first time students are expected to remember and use a number every day, the first two-three weeks of lunch can take longer than they will once students get used to using their lunch numbers.  It is advised that students may want to pack their lunches for the first few days of school. 

Students punch their lunch numbers in and then pay for their food.  They may pay with cash or a parent may send a check to put into the student's lunch account. 


13) I would like my child to be in band.  What do I do?

Speak with Ms. Weaver, the band teacher at Riverwood Middle School, for more information. 

14) What do I do if I want to visit the school?

Every visitor must sign in at the front office and get a sticker to wear. 

15) I would like to schedule a conference with my child's teachers.  What do I do?

Call 359-2769 and ask to speak to one of your child's teachers.  They will schedule a conference with you!

16) Will the school provide agendas?

Yes, the school provides agendas on the first day.

17) Can students design their lockers?

Students may place magnetic mirrors or "pockets" (items to hold pencils and such) in their lockers.  They may also place pictures if they are held up by magnets.  Locker shelves are also acceptable.  We do not recommend a lot of decoration as a student's backpack, books, and notebooks take up a lot of room.

Students will be designated lockers during the first week of school.  In the event of large class sizes students may need to share lockers.



Below you will find links that will take you to the web pages of the sixth grade teachers.  Each teacher is different, and so is her/his web page!


Click on the link below to go to the teacher webpages, then simply click on the teacher's name!



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