Basic Policies and Procedures


Students are provided with agendas at the beginning of the school year.  They are expected to write down all of their assignments for all of their classes. 

Bathroom Policy

Students are taken to the restroom at designated times at least three times a day - morning, lunch, and afternoon.  They are also given emergency passes each quarter that they can use.

Changing Classes

Students are normally given three minutes to change classes.  It may seem short, but all of the team's classrooms are in very close proximity to each other.  Teachers will walk students to their elective classes at the beginning of the year to show students where those classrooms are in the building.  After students have become acclimated to the layout of the school, teachers will stand in the halls during elective class-change time instead of walking students to electives.

Grading Policy

Your child's team of teachers will determine the grading policy for the year.  It should be clearly stated on newsletters sent out at the beginning of the school year.  Generally, tests count more than quizzes and quizzes count more than classwork/homework.

Hall Passes

Students must have a hall pass from their teacher when they are in the halls during class time.

Library Passes

Students visit the library in their language arts classes once every two weeks.  They will be allowed to check out books if they do not have any overdue books.  Overdue books/fines do travel to the middle school from the elementary school, so it is a good idea to deal with those issues before leaving the elementary school.  Students may also ask a teacher to visit the library with a pass.  If a teacher allows, the student may choose a blue pass (to check out books), a red pass (for research), and a yellow pass (for leisure reading).  The student must take the pass to the library and sign in.

Locker Breaks

Students will receive their lockers within the first week of school.  They will be provided practice time with the locks; we don't expect them to be perfect the first time!  Students will be able to visit their lockers before school starts, at least twice during the school day, and after their last class.  Visit the "Locker" page for more details on this subject.


Students will be walked to the cafeteria by their teachers.  We expect them to walk in a straight line and to be quiet in the halls.  They will sit in a designated area with their classmates.  Students are not allowed to sit with other classes.  It is a good idea to bring a bag lunch the first two weeks, as sixth graders usually take some time to learn the number system used in our cafeteria, and this can hold up the lunch line until students become proficient at it.  Students will be given their lunch numbers by their homeroom teacher.

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