Advice from Current Students

Here are some items that current students wish someone would have told them before they started middle school.


"It's not as hard as you think." T.G.

" Get good grades so you can play sports in seventh grade." E.B.

"You don't get recess." C.C.

"You have to dress out in gym." K.K.

"Memorize where you're going" E.S.

"Be yourself." M.N.

"Try hard in all your classes, and you'll do fine.  If you get gym, just dress out everyday and you'll get a 100." Z.M.

"You have the same two electives for one semester." C.E.

"Don't talk a lot." K.P.

"When you get off the bus, don't go "the long way" around the school.  You'll get in trouble." L.L.

"Listen to your teachers." A.D.

"Don't leave stuff in your gym locker when you go to your next class. Take everything with you because other students use those lockers." L.Z.

"Don't hang out with people who will get you in trouble." C.B.

"Take lots of notes." A.S.

"Don't cuss or fight." B. J.

"Treat others respectfully." J.J.

"Be yourself and don't worry about fitting in with others." D.R.

"Have fun but still do your work." E.W.

"Don't worry about forgetting your locker combination. The teachers are super nice and will be happy to help you." K.U.

"Don't destroy property." R.M.

"Never leave your locker unlocked." A.S.

"Take your teacher's advice; you'll need it!" B.B.

"Don't waste your money on fast food." E.I.

"Put everything in your backpack and you won't lose anything." J.R.

"Don't chew gum." H.E.

"Don't be late for gym class." L.M.

"It's not as hard as you think it is." S.B.

"Don't fall asleep in class. You'll regret it." W.C.

"Don't yell or run in the hallway." C.G.

"Always follow the dress code." C.C.

"Don't chew gum." W.H.

"Respect the teachers, and they will respect you." B. P

"No sagging!"  J.C.

"The teachers and principals are really nice." C.T.

"You might meet people you don't get along with in middle school.  IGNORE THEM!" J.T.

""Don't pass notes." B.M.

"Don't wear your hats in school." D.W.

"Don't talk too loud in the hallway." P.B.

"If you find lost items, turn them in to the front office." J.P.

"Do not pants someone. You will be written up." D.B.

"Be careful around lockers." P.T.

"Lockers aren't as great as they seem." X.V.

"Do your homework!" A.F.

"No excuses." A.S.

"Don't worry about what other people think of you." S.P.

"Enhancements can be very fun." K.C.

"Don't disrespect the teachers." H.J.

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