Rising 6th Graders

Hello!  It is so nice to meet you.  Welcome to the Rising Sixth Grader Page.  This page was designed with our incoming students and parents in mind.  There is a lot of information, so please take some time and look around.  If you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed on these pages, please feel free to contact a sixth-grade teacher.  We are here to help the students and parents settle in to the Riverwood middle-school life!

This first page is a directory to the rest of the site.  Read on for details of each of the pages!


TDAP and Medical Issues

This page covers the NC state-required vaccination for all incoming sixth graders and gives information on our school nurse.

Advice from Current Sixth Graders

An accounting of thoughts that current sixth graders wished someone had told them before they started middle school.

Necessary Materials for the School Year

How many notebooks does my child need? Do the teachers want loose-leaf paper or composition books?  All of the materials your child needs to be prepared for the sixth grade are listed here.

Student's Overall Guide to Middle School

Are you used to being the "top dog" in elementary school and now are feeling a little apprehensive about middle school?  This page should help answer some of your questions about what to expect in middle school.  Don't forget to visit the links!

Parent's Guide to Middle School

Are you a little apprehensive about your child trotting off to middle school?  It's ok.  It's normal to worry about it.  Visit this page and read some articles that should help answer the questions you have about modern-day middle school.

Basic Policies and Procedures

When will I go to the bathroom?  When will I use my locker?  How can I get a pass to go to the library?  These are only a few of the many questions a new middle-schooler will have.  This page will help both students and parents understand the basic policies and procedures of the sixth-grade hall and Riverwood Middle School.

Clubs and Activities

Can I be in band?  What if I like to sing?  Is there anything for those who like to read?  Those questions and more answered on this page!

Information on Classes

Get frequently-asked questions answered here.  Also provides links to the sixth grade teachers' webpages. 


Many new to the middle-school way of life are worried about homework. Click here to get the scoop on what homework will be like in the sixth grade.

Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies

These four pages will help you understand what is to be expected in these subjects.  They will also detail what students should already know before entering the sixth grade.


Here is some information from our enhancement teachers about their classes.


Students are always worried about lockers before they every enter the sixth-grade hall.  Get information on this must-know subject here!

Study Strategies

It cannot be said enough - STUDYING IS CRITICAL TO A STUDENT'S SUCCESS!  Students must study every night - at least Monday through Thursday.   Think about it, teachers only see their students for 180 days - that's approximately 180 hours for an entire school year.  That is only equivalent to 7.5 twenty-four hour days.  Or 18 ten-hour days.  Or 36 five-hour days.  When you realize that there are 365 days in a year - or 8,760 hours - it helps put the idea of needing the extra time to study and remember needed concepts into perspective.

Organizational Tips and Tricks

Need help getting organized?  Doesn't everyone?  Visit here and learn some tips for getting - and staying - organized.  Organization and Studying are the two main keys to being successful in middle school.

A Look on the Sixth Grade Hall

Here are some pictures of our classrooms and hall so you know what to expect!

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