Riverwood Middle School Students

Show Respect

Out of harm’s way

Act Responsibly

Remember Kindness


The PBIS committee will be hosting their 2nd Annual PBIS Celebration; this year’s title is "Spring Fling." The Spring Fling will take place on June 9th from 8:30am-2:30pm. Good behavior is the ticket in. 


What is PBIS to Riverwood Middle School?

Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS), is a systematic approach in teaching behavioral expectations throughout the school. PBIS develops school-wide systems that support staff to teach and promote positive behavior in all students. It is based on a proactive model which teaches the behaviors, reinforces and recognizes students who are able to model these behaviors. It also has systems in place to support students who have a difficult time or may present with more challenging behaviors.

 2015-2016 PBIS Team

Sean Comerford (Chair)

Patty Langley (Administration)

Melissa Putney (6th grade Rep)

Wendy Bates (7th grade Rep)

Sean Comerford (8th grade Rep)

PBIS Behavior Intervention Committee

Sandra Robertson

Pamela Nolan

Paula Gibson

 What are the Responsibilities of the PBIS Team?

  • Monitors the implementation of the PBIS program
  • Reviews discipline data and develops interventions to address specific school needs
  • Organize school-wide reward activities
  • Provides classroom support to teachers
  • Assist with RTI (Response to Instruction) 

 Ravens “SOAR” Show Respect Out of Harms Way Act Responsibly Remember Kindness 

  • SOAR is the teaching and learning component of our PBIS program.
  • The SOAR framework addresses appropriate student behavior in different settings throughout the school.
  • SOAR Matrix’s are posted throughout the school to remind students of appropriate behavior in different locations.
  • RMS SOAR Review Process-RMS teaches these behaviors from day one and intermittently throughout the years as needed.

Rewards System 

  • Rewards are based on office referrals (school) and the earning of “RAVEN BUCKS”
  • The rewarding cycle is bi-weekly, quarterly, and annual.
  • If a student receives a referral they are ineligible to participate in the weekly rewards as well as the end of the year reward.
  • If a student receives a referral during the quarter he or she are allowed to attend the quarterly rewards by using their “Raven Bucks” to pay for their reward of choice.
  • PBIS Friday Cart Twice a Month
  • PBIS Monthly Positive Referrals Rewards
  • PBIS Positive Referrals 
  • Annual Celebrations

Reward Cycle 

  • Bi-Weekly Rewards- Any student meet the hallway expectations for appropriate behavior school wide will be eligible for this rewards day. During this time they will participate in several activities such as: (social time, board games, electronic time, etc.) 
  • 9 week Rewards- Any students with the appropriate amount of “Raven Bucks” will be eligible to participate in the nine week reward activities. This reward is sponsored by the enhancement team. Game time, sports, or social times are just a few examples of activities that will be available. 
  • End of the Year Reward- Any student that has not received three or more referral of any kind, and those that have not received any suspensions for the entire fourth quarter, will be eligible to participate in the end of the year PBIS celebration. Some possible activities include: school-wide dance, ice cream party, spring fling festival etc. End of the year activities monitored by the RMS faculty and staff. 

Interventions for Behavior

Professional judgment is expected to determine interventions for negative behaviors. Most situations can and should be controlled in the classroom. 

Possible Interventions that could be used but are not limited to:

*Warning/Teacher-Student Conference

* Time out in choices or another classroom

* Parent Contact


If the student goes to the office. . .

1.   CHOICES DIRECTOR completes office referral.

2.   Administration picks up the student, the student’s folder, Choices ticket, Choices plan, and office referral form from the Choices room.

3.   Administration will meet with the student, contact the parent, assign consequences, and disseminate paperwork. (white copy of the office referral to parent, yellow copy of office referral to the student file, and pink to the teacher).

4.   Paperwork is returned to the Choices Director who files all paperwork in the student’s folder.

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